Digital technologies have changed the way governments engage with the public. Countries big and small from all corners of the globe now operate on a more level playing field when establishing and building relationships with the international community and the public. An unexpected outcome has been the rise of the ability of smaller nation states and regional non-national governments to reach new communities through digital diplomacy. This panel will explore how sub-state and semi-autonomous actors (e.g. Catalonia, Northern Ireland, Kurdish Iraq) use digital technologies for diplomacy.


10 September, 9:00am-10:30am

Brookings Institution
Stein Room
1775 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC

Moderator:  Ben Chang — SVP, Communications – Albright Stonebridge Group


  • Karwan Zebari — Director, Kurdish Regional Government Representation in the USA
  • Andrew Davis — Head of the Delegation, Delegation of Catalonia to the USA
  • Bronagh Finnegan — Public Affairs and Outreach, Northern Ireland Bureau


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